The Redeployable Robotâ„¢ 1

One small investment, one giant leap for efficiency

RR 1 Frame and Robot

Start Right

The RR 1 is a great entry into automation. Fast and straightforward implementation along with a tangible return on investment, the RR 1 makes the first at bat a home run.

RR 1 Frame and Robot

Standardized Custom

The RR 1 makes integration and changeover of grippers and part nests quick and easy. Retain the flexibility of standard without sacrificing the reliability of custom.

RR 1 tubes and pads

Made to Move

Integrated fork tubes make moving the RR 1 fast and simple. Sets of locating feet can be placed in front of multiple machines to minimize setup time between moves. And with an area scanner for safety, there's no fencing to maneuver or relocate.