The Redeployable Robotâ„¢

Automate to efficiency without sacrificing agility

Flexible Automation

The RR frame is easily configurable to fit a variety of applications using standard core components, reducing design and installation time. Core components are also reconfigurable to run different parts through the same cell without substantial overhauls. Your automation is now as flexible as the machine it services.

Modular Design

RR units are able to pass parts between adjacent cells to form assembly lines. Interface with machines, feeders, gauges, and more. And when the project ends, each unit is an individual piece of capital equipment that can be redeployed solo or as a part of another line.

RR 25 Frame and Robot

Rigid Construction

Standing ten feet tall, the RR must be extremely rigid to keep the robot steady and picks accurate. Performing an FEA study of the design confirmed that the robot can operate at full weight capacity and full speed without compromising placement accuracy.

Modular Components

Mix and Match Then Rearrange and Redeploy

Fixtured Drawer System

Heavy duty drawer cabinet with fixtured inserts is an ultra reliable way to bring parts into a cell. Inserts can be economically made and simple change over makes for quick part changes.


Conveyor at ergonomic height is a simple and economic way to remove parts from a cell. It can be configured with sensors and hardware to fit your needs.

Robot End of Arm Gripper

Double grippers on the end of arm tooling keep part changes quick and spindles turning.

Camera Robot Vision System

FANUC vision systems can be used to pick parts from a bin or conveyor to make a cell truly operator free.

Blow Off System

Part blow off system keeps the chips and coolant in the machine and off your floor. End nozzles designed for the task and flow variable to coordinate with robot to best fit your needs.

Robot End of Arm Deburr

Grinding, polishing, and deburring done with either fixed tools or end of arm tooling to maximize part accessibility and cycle efficiency.

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