Modular Automation Integration
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Machines Robot Part Numbers

Oil & Gas Nut


The cell must load and unload cylindrical parts between 2 lathes. Parts are introduced on a pallet and must exit to a cart. The cell must accommodate 3 part numbers through 2 roughing and 2 finishing operations.


RR70mv unit - 70kg load capacity with machine integration and FANUC 2D vision

Part Flow

• Fork lift loads a full pallet onto the pallet stand
• Robot picks parts with 2D vision system
• Double gripper end of arm tooling tends machines
• Parts exit on conveyor to custom carts


This system was able to match the throughput of two operators with a single robot. Picks off the skid have been reliable while accommodating irregularities in pallet placement, flatness, and the presence of oil. Design allows for 3 different diameters to run without changing end of arm tooling or fixtures. Part tracking through the cell streamlined the quality assurance process. Production volume is anticipated to increase substantially to justify a second cell.