Robot Loaded Assembly Automation
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Bearing Assembly


The cell must machine a bearing support casting in a mill and lathe then assemble with pins, snap rings, and a bearing. There must be 100% quality inspection on the pressing of the bearing.


One robot tending machines and a second robot assembling the components

Part Flow

• Raw parts are loaded by an operator into fixtured drawers capable of 2 hours of continuous run time between loads
• Parts are loaded and unloaded from machines
• Part is placed in a transfer stand for the assembly robot to take over
• Automated part feed systems deliver bearing, snap rings, and pins to the robot
• The assembly is loaded into a servo press with press force sensor
• Assemblies exit on a conveyor


This system was able to vertically integrate the assembly operation, bringing substantial ROI to the customer. Quality assurance in the servo press has kept defects to below 2.5 parts per million. Robust design has been running for years as annual production volume has increased.